Crime and Punishment

Gregor Robertson is joined by Jonathan Northcroft, Tony Cascarino and Martin Samuel for heated discussion on the murky world of football finance and governance. As Everton face a ten point deduction for breaching profit and sustainability rules, the team ask, does the punishment fit the crime? The answer is a resounding no! But why is that, is it a level playing field and what are the wider implications for clubs such as Manchester City and Chelsea. After a quick look at the vote on multi club ownership models finally some actual football and a look ahead to the big game at the weekend, as Manchester City take on Liverpool.


2’ internationals. Learnt nothing from England. But Italy Ukraine…a shocking decision and Martin thinks something stinks.

4’ Head of UEFA said Italy not qualifying would be a disaster. Why are officials saying who they want to progress.

Everton points deduction

8’ The facts, what were Everton penalised for?

10’ FFP is a construct of the riches clubs to keep the status quo.

12’ no such thing as organic growth because the best teams cherry pick the best players from smaller clubs. Inward investment to beat that system should not be punished.

15’ Everton have had a go and have been punished.

18’ why are the rules there, are they doing what they are supposed to do?

20’ the commission agreed it wasn’t an attempt to cheat, just poor management, but without danger to the club. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

21’ the commission portrayed Everton as ‘continually reckless.’

22’ Premier league stopped working with Everton, why?

24’ will there be, or should there be an independent regulator.

27’ What is the alternative? Unfettered spending, so long as it isn’t based on debt.

29’ is this punishment going to kill the under dog story? An arbitrary construct.

33’ We want two things in football, clubs not going into debt and going bust and healthy competition.

35’ Man City charges…being bogged down by expensive lawyers.  

38’ pick a team of lawyers because they’ll decide who wins what, but they’ll do it in five years time.

41’ City charges.

Vote to NOT ban signing players from associated clubs

49’ similar issue and touches on self regulation.

52’ need a robust set of loan regulations.

Historic agent issues

58’ The FA are looking into a breach from 2008 when Jermaine Defoe left Portsmouth to go to Spurs.

City v Liverpool

1’02’ Every player who has come in to the midfield has been an upgrade.

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