Blown Out Of Proportion?

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Tom Clarke, Alyson Rudd and Tom Roddy.

Chelsea vs Liverpool was end-to-end, but the 2-2 result wasn’t really helpful for either club. Should Sadio Mane have been sent off after 12 seconds? Which was the best goal of the game? (00:00)

Romalu Lukaku was missing for Chelsea after his Italian television interview - how is the situation most likely to play out and has it been blown out of proportion? (14:06)

Despite losing, Arsenal came away from the Manchester City game with a lot of positives. Is their ability to see games out a lingering problem, though? (27:07)

Leeds United enjoyed a much-needed victory over Burnley. Were they back to their best or did the visitors do their best to help Marcelo Bielsa’s side? (39:18)

The project at Everton just doesn’t seem to be working. How much longer can they persist with Rafa Benitez?? (50:00)

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