Phenomenal Liverpool more limited than Manchester City

The most relentless title race in Premier League history is over. Natalie Sawyer and Gab Marcotti are joined by Paul Hirst and James Gheerbrant to determine where the trophy was won.

Manchester City become the first team in a decade to retain the Premier League title, sealing the championship on the final day. Have Liverpool done well to keep the gap to just a point? Do Liverpool have a more limited squad than City? Do City create more chances? And for Jurgen Klopp, how do you possibly improve on a 97-point season?

We discuss the sacking of Chris Hughton as Brighton manager, where James proves himself to be as merciless as Tony Bloom. Will a more progressive manager get the best out of Brighton’s buys?

There’s a bumper quick hits on every other Premier League club. We’re expecting big things for Bournemouth and Wolves if they have a good summer. Plus there’s seagulls and grasshoppers in their underwear.

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