Will 48 teams dilute the quality of the World Cup?

Natalie Sawyer and Gab Marcotti are joined by Alyson Rudd and Paul Hirst to dissect club football before the last international break of the season.

Wolves knock out Manchester United to progress to the FA Cup semi-finals. How does Nuno do it? Can we call it a shock? Do United need this break more than anyone? And have neighbours City been getting the luck of the draw this season?

Liverpool are back on top of the Premier League. Did the win at Fulham show that the Reds are nervous or that they have nerves of steel?

We debate whether 48 teams is right for the World Cup. And if so, is it right for Qatar, a nation with a smaller population than East Anglia, who arguably needed a co-host to begin with?

Plus Preston, Messi and a seething Siewert.

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