Rooney, City and the poppy

Natalie Sawyer and Gab Marcotti are joined by Alyson Rudd and Alan Smith in the studio to tackle some thorny issues in the football world.

England’s friendly with the USA will now be a farewell appearance for record goal scorer Wayne Rooney. The match will be called The Wayne Rooney Foundation International, with proceeds going to charity. But does Rooney deserve such a tribute and does Rooney’s appearance deprive other players of vital England experience?

James McClean and Nemanja Matic made headlines over the weekend due to the lack of a remembrance poppy on their shirt. What’s the significance and why do players continue to be vilified and abused for that choice?

As Manchester City make a mockery of Southampton at the Etihad, can Chelsea and Liverpool keep up with what looks to be a relentless title pace from the champions? And with Raheem Sterling starring again, is he worth his reportedly record-breaking contract offer?

Plus find out which Premier League manager is like a 16th century doctor.

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