Natalie Bennett shows why strong leadership matters

Matt Chorley is joined by The Times' Head of News Fay Schlesinger, Anthony Wells from YouGov and Chief Political Correspondent for The Times, Michael Savage.

Fay Schlesinger:

A drive to weed out and punish Universities that deliver poor-quality teaching is a step forward as higher education becomes bigger and more expensive. But let’s not allow the system to become homogenised. Everyone remembers their scatty professor who dispensed with notes to launch into an off-topic spiel that left the hungover students enthralled and inspired. The Government’s University reforms must improve standards and choice, and allow bad institutions to fail… but let that professor survive.

Anthony Wells:

Young people, who don't vote, back Remain, old people, who do vote,
back Leave. So If turnout is low, Leave stands a better chance with only the dedicated older voters turning out. Or so the consensus goes.
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