Junior doctors' strike - a more balanced approach is needed

Matt Chorley is joined by columnist David Aaronovitch, Business reporter Callum Jones and Red Box writer Hannah McGrath.

David Aaronovitch:

The BMA say the strike is the government's fault and the government says it's the BMA's. As in the bad old days the sides - an particularly the doctors - have become polarised beyond the reach of reason. From having been a question of how to staff hospitals properly at weekends the dispute is now being framed as an existential one about the very future of the NHS. Of course people like doctors more than politicians - this is the bully point which has always aided the BMA. But an all-out strike makes patients wonder whose side the doctors are on. That's not something doctors should take lightly.

Callum Jones:

Having come under heavy fire for its confused response in the days after Tata Steel's decision to leave the UK, the government yesterday picked up its game in the hours after BHS collapsed into administration. As the EU referendum debate twists and turns each... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy