Do playground antics demean politics?

Matt Chorley is joined by Political sketch-writer and diarist Patrick Kidd, columnist Jenni Russell and Assistant Editor of The Spectator, Isabel Hardman.

Patrick Kidd:

Marco Rubio is a big-eared sweaty robot with a water addiction, while Donald Trump is a stubby-fingered orange-faced pants-wetter with a dodgy hairdo. Meanwhile David Cameron makes "yer mum" jokes at Jeremy Corbyn, while Labour MPs still make piggy noises at the Prime Minister. Do playground insults demean politics or are they what's needed to get Joe Public interested?

Jenni Russell

In the last few days I've been struck by the number of people I've come across who say they want to understand the consequences of leaving or staying in Europe before they decide which way to vote. But those facts are hard to come by. There are plenty of grand assertions on both sides but their truth is hard to judge. The referendum will be won by the side that can make a complex question sound clear and plausible. Neither has managed that yet.

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