Can George Osborne count himself lucky?

Philip Aldrick:

Global markets have been in meltdown but one man who may be smiling is the chancellor. Government borrowing costs have fallen to an all-time low, which make servicing the nation’s £1.5 trillion of debt cheaper. Over the next five years, Capital Economics estimates lower market interest rates and lower inflation will hand George Osborne a £20 billion windfall. He’s struggling to make the books balance through tax and spending policy. Instead, he’s getting a helping hand from the most unlikely of sources.

Natasha Clark:

The polls are all we have to try and figure out what's going to happen with the EU referendum. But the polls lately have been showing us drastically different answers; there have been 22 percentage points between some polls for results in support of Remain, and around 13 percentage points difference for Leave. Pollsters say that the phone and internet polling will show us different answers, possibly because people are more likely to want to say that they want to remain in... For information regarding your data privacy, visit