Will the Trident debate dictate Jeremy Corbyn's future?

The Opinion podcast is now the Red Box Podcast from The Times. Columnist Robert Crampton, Media Editor Elizabeth Rigby and Deputy Political Editor Sam Coates joins host Matt Chorley.

Robert Crampton:

The Labour Party cannot achieve a coherent position on Trident while Jeremy Corbyn is leader. The moment he said he would never use the nuclear deterrent as a future PM was the moment Labour lost the next election. Party pragmatists should focus on toppling Corbyn, not cobbling together a futile compromise on Trident renewal.

Elizabeth Rigby:

Freedom of Information: Tony Blair [bitterly regretted] introducing FOI laws; Chris Grayling said FoI was being misused 'as a research tool to generate stories for the media' and now David Cameron is carrying out a review with one intention – to limit access to government information. Entirely antipathetic to voters’ demands for more openness not less, the backlash has been swift, ferocious and near universal. Will Cameron abandon the fight? Probably and so he... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy