Are pension relief cuts another Treasury tax grab?

Matt Chorley is joined by Assistant Editor Anne Ashworth and columnists Giles Coren and David Aaronovitch.

Anne Ashworth:

Pension tax reliefs for the higher-paid have already been reduced and more cuts are coming. The justification for this reform is fairness: the higher-paid have had it too good. But if you make company pension scheme membership less attractive to executives, this make it less likely that they will support these schemes - which will hurt the less well-off. This is just another Treasury tax grab, disguised as redistribution.

Giles Coren:

A survey commissioned by the Labour party has revealed that, "A disproportionate number of members who have joined since the 2015 general election are ‘high-status city dwellers’ pursuing well-paid jobs”. Most of them are from North London. So Corbyn and McDonnell rode to power on a crest of people exactly like me, except with the politics of Rik out of the Young Ones. One Labour MP has suggested that, "Members with properties valued at over a... For information regarding your data privacy, visit