Are the Tories sleepwalking into disaster?

The Opinion podcast is back with a brand new host. Red Box editor Matt Chorley is joined by panelists Hugo Rifkind, Oliver Kamm and Lucy Fisher.

Hugo Rifkind:

The Tories are sleepwalking into disaster on the EU. For David Cameron, with ministers freely campaigning on both sides, if he loses, he loses, and if he wins, he still loses. Cameron has asked his government to remain civil on Europe, which is a thing no Conservative ever has been before. And what happens after the vote, to those on the losing side? Will they really still have a future?

Oliver Kamm:

The transformation of Labour from a party of government to an irrelevant sect continues apace. The lack of respect, let alone support, for Jeremy Corbyn among Labour MPs is palpable but still worse is the incredibility of the leadership’s views. On economic policy and defence, Corbyn & John McDonnell are far out of line with the position of the party both historically and in its current stance. Electoral retribution is guaranteed and extinction... For information regarding your data privacy, visit