Special: 2016 Preview

Host Philip Webster is joined by Robbie Millen, Philip Aldrick and Patrick Kidd in this 2016 preview special.

Robbie Millen:

In or Out? Leave or Remain? I have all sorts of firm views about relatively trivial issues yet on the greatest issue facing Britain I flip flop around in the no-man’s land of the undecided voter. I don’t want to be a “don’t know” that’s why I’m looking forward to the EU referendum and the debate it ought to provoke.

Philip Aldrick:

Interest rates will finally go up - but we will have to wait until after the Brexit referendum, which the ins will win. Perversely, those rates will increase into a slowing economy. The chancellor will tighten the screw with more tax rises in the march budget. House prices will come off the boil. And there will be a small financial crisis in emerging markets that everyone will panic about before it blows over.

Patrick Kidd:

Next year one of the main political parties will change its leader, but it's more likely to be David Cameron going than Jeremy... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy