Special: 2015 Review

Host Philip Webster is joined by Ann Treneman, Stewart Wood and Daniel Finkelstein in this end-of-year special as each panelists picks a topic to debate from the past year.

Ann Treneman:

It's been a terrible year for getting it wrong. The Westminster Bubble called the election wrong, the Labour leadership wrong and it still can't quite believe what's happened in Scotland. But, just say, that Jeremy Corbyn is right and that he will increase Labour's vote, as happened in Oldham. Is Britain heading towards an American situation where half of the electorate passionately believe one thing, and the other half passionately believe the other? Is the Bubble capable of acknowledging that politics has changed, possibly if not forever, then for the time being?

Stewart Wood:

2015 was the year when politics changed fundamentally in Britain. It saw the rise & further rise of politics outside the traditional Westminster cartel – from the social movement that underpinned a triumphant SNP to the Corbynista movement that... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy