Will David Cameron fail his greatest test?

Host Philip Webster is joined by Rachel Sylvester, Libby Purves and Hugo Rifkind.

Rachel Sylvester:

David Cameron once said his Party had to stop banging on about Europe but now the rest of premiership is going to be defined by a referendum on Britain's relationship with the EU. The polls are narrowing and ministers who wants to stay in are increasingly worried that people will vote to leave. The essay crisis prime minister got the grades he needed in the referendums on AV and Scotland, and the general election but is complacency going to make him fail the biggest test?

Libby Purves:

The fear of ‘radicalization’ into actual violence is reasonable; so is public political correctness, which is basically just politeness. But they’re leading us too far down a dangerous path. Hate-speech laws haven’t helped. We need to accept that as long as you don’t incite or perform violence or discrimination, you can believe what you like, and insult other people’s behaviour and beliefs. That's a British value... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy