Is Jeremy Corbyn finally facing reality?

Philip Webster is joined by Fay Schlesinger, Giles Whittell and Anne Ashworth.

Fay Schlesinger:

After Jeremy Corbyn was elected, he promised a “kinder politics”. Fast forward two months and his allies are vowing revenge on shadow cabinet ministers at odds with him over Syrian airstrikes. Even the most attractive of Corbyn’s traits are turning sour. He must drop the Mr Nice Guy act or compromise over his ideals. He can't keep up the charade of both.

Giles Whittell:

There is an air of unreality about the Paris climate conference. The challenge is more urgent than ever but India won't stop burning coal, America won't be legally bound by anything and yet somehow delegates are optimist for a breakthrough. It won't happen until someone does for energy what cell phones did for communications - enables the developing world to leapfrog the developed.

Anne Ashworth:

There's a power grab going in the housing market. Schemes - like the Help to Buy Isa which makes its debut today and the stamp duty changes - are... For information regarding your data privacy, visit