How will the 'Facebook generation' respond?

Philip Webster is joined by Alice Thomson, Roger Boyes and John McTernan.

Alice Thomson:

Looking at the rows of victims in Paris, they all have glossy hair, white smiles and youth. It used to be the police, establishment, businesses and commuters who were the most vulnerable to terrorism. This is the first time the Facebook generation has been targeted, on a Friday night when they're relaxing at cafes, concerts and matches, how will they respond?

Roger Boyes:

Our efforts to " contain and degrade" Isis have failed. We are left with two rotten options: accept that Putin now controls Syria's future and mount joint bombing campaigns, using unpalatable Hezbollah and Iranians to do the dirty work on the ground. Or we overcome our fear of using ground troops and confront Isis face to face.

John McTernan:

To be a credible potential government Labour has to convince voters they can be trusted with national security. In uncertain times that becomes even more critical. Opposing shoot to kill, condemning French... For information regarding your data privacy, visit