Does George Osborne lack emotional intelligence?

Philip Webster is joined by Rachel Sylvester, Emma Tucker and Philip Collins.

Rachel Sylvester:

George Osborne is the most intriguing politician of our age. He’s morphed from a short termist partisan tactician to a political strategist with a long term plan. But, as the tax credit fiasco shows, his biggest flaw is that he still lacks empathy - the ability to win people over by persuading them he understands how they feel. If he wants to become Conservative leader and Prime Minister he's got to prove he knows that that politics is about emotions as well power.

Emma Tucker:

Debate about Britain's relationship with the European Union is about to heat up as David Cameron prepares to outline his desired reform package in a letter to be delivered to Brussels this week. But he faces very tricky manoeuvres. Europe’s leaders don't really want to engage with him until he can reassure them that he will vote for Britain to stay in the EU. But if he does so, the Outers will accuse him of reducing incentives for... For information regarding your data privacy, visit