Where did George Osborne go wrong?

Philip Webster is joined by Sam Coates, Hugo Rifkind and Patrick Kidd.

Sam Coates:

George Osborne got the strategy wrong, the tactics wrong, the politics wrong, the communications wrong and the people-handling wrong - all the things the Chancellor is meant to be good at. MPs think his reputation has taken a hit. After riding high over the summer, the Chancellor's reputation was probably due a correction to the mean, but Boris would be unwise to think things have swung that much in his favour. Anyway the tax credit problem is still far from solved - anyone with any ideas should pop them on a postcard to the Treasury

Hugo Rifkind:

What's up with students? Last week, Germaine Greer cancelled a lecture at Cardiff University, after a petition circulated calling for her to be disinvited, due to her "problematic" views. When I was a student, visiting speakers included people such as the BNP's Nick Griffin and the radical Islamist Omar Bakri. If we could cope with them, how come students today can't cope with... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy