To leave or remain

In his final Opinion podcast, host Tim Montgomerie is joined by Rachel Sylvester, Mathew Parris and Ann Treneman.
Matthew Parris:

Now that we're having to take seriously the possibility (though not, I think, the likelihood) that Britain may vote to leave the EU, we need to look beyond that possible Leave vote. What happens then? The government will have to begin a lengthy negotiation about the terms of our departure, with (of course) no negotiating cards to play at all. Much - a huge amount - will hang on the terms we are finally able to secure. It's perfectly possible voters who voted in principle to leave will find those terms unacceptable in practice. There will have to be a second referendum.

Ann Treneman:

What is Jeremy Corbyn playing at? Going on holiday (and to Scotland!) when he should be kissing the Queen's hand and becoming a privy councillor. It seems that we knew he was a republican but, hey, he actually seems to be a republican! Will Corbyn, in his own way, make us grow up as to how we... For information regarding your data privacy, visit