Jeremy Corbyn special

Tim Montgomerie is joined by Philip Collins, Oliver Kamm and Libby Purves.

Philip Collins

Let's skip the bit where commentators ingeniously invent reasons why Corbyn might turn out to be Clement Attlee. No, this is man of no interesting ideas and no experience of running a political operation. He has started as he is condemned to go on. In chaos. The task for the sensible Labour party is to renew intellectually and engage the new members who will rapidly have buyer's remorse.

Oliver Kamm

In the 48 hours since Corbyn's election, I have dramatically changed my opinion. Yet again the great Phil Collins is vindicated.

I've previously argued there's an ethical obligation on Labour MPs to withdraw cooperation from the whips and declare themselves opposed to a leader who is out of step with party's traditions & progressive values. Yet I hadn't reckoned on the scale of the incompetence of Corbyn & his allies. You can hold on as leader even in the face of bad polls; but it's much more difficult to do so if... For information regarding your data privacy, visit