Is sentiment for the refugee crisis thin in Britain?

Tim Montgomerie is joined by Rachel Sylvester, Matthew Parris and Roger Boyes:

Rachel Sylvester

Politicians ought to like the country they want to lead but the Corbynistas seem to disapprove of modern Britain. They are Roundheads in a Cavalier age, collectivists in an era dominated by individualism.

There is a sense of moral superiority on the left that is as off-putting as the born-to-rule attitude on the right. Labour moderates must take back the moral high ground in their party. There is nothing wrong with wanting to win.

Matthew Parris

There was something infantile about the apparent switch of public - or at least media - opinion after the publication of that photograph of a drowned Syrian toddler.

As if we didn't know already that children were being drowned. My guess, though, is that public sympathy and generosity remains rather thin. People do understand the argument that European hospitality risks drawing in new waves of migrants. Still, the sentiment that photo stirred did give the Prime... For information regarding your data privacy, visit