Neil Kinnock: 92 or 97?

All week, people in politics have been asking whether the next general election is going to be a similar result to 1992 - when Labour were expected to win but lost, or like 1997 when Labour won in a landslide victory. 

Who better to ask than former Labour leader Neil Kinnock?

In a wide-ranging chat, Neil talks about the challenge of facing Margaret Thatcher at PMQs, sharing funny tweets with Keir Starmer, how he feels about the trans-debate given his grandson has transitioned, and what Labour need to do to win the next election. 

Plus columnist Iain Martin and former head of Channel 4 News Dorothy Byrne on the rumoured comebacks of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, Iain's defence of Brexit and commemorating political moments with blue plaques.

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