That Weird Thing Your Uncle Said aka The Unsolved Double Homicide at the Amana Inn

In today's episode Rebekkah talks about the brutal unsolved murders of Roger Atkison and Rose Burkert in the Amana Holiday Inn in Iowa. You'll be led through the details of the case before journeying through each theory that exists for the crime. Listen as I go down the list that involves a love triangle gone horribly wrong, not one... but FOUR serial killers, and a few others. SPECIFIC CW/TW: Graphic depictions of violence, brief mention of animal harm

Should you have details in regards to the 4 murders discussed today, please contact the numbers provided below.

If you have any information in regards to the murders of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkison, please contact the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office at (319)642-7307 or the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at (515) 725-6010. You can also email

If you have information pertaining to the murder of William Kyle, please contact the Galesburg, Illinois police department at (309) 343-9151.

Finally, if you have any information in regards to the murder of Jack McDonald, please contact the Meridian, Mississippi police department at (601) 485-1893.

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