193 Travel Firsts and Transformations

If you think back to the first time you travelled, you might just recall that this was a pretty important and influential part of your travelling experience as a whole. When I speak with avid travellers, it's often the case that their first trip has had a big impact either on their lives, or their future travels, or both. These transformative travel firsts are the basis for Episode 193 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast - and they make for some fantastic stories!

To start with, I chat with listener Scott Antcliffe, who grew up in the front passenger seat of his father's taxi, meeting passengers flying in and out of major UK airports. I'd love to know if his dad realised at the time just how impactful these meetings were going to be.

Next, Bob DiMenna and I talk about his first trip outside of the United States, which was to Thailand - a very significant trip in many ways.

Finally, Nate Taiaroa speaks about his own transformational travel experiences and how he's used those to try to help others have the same kinds of revelations and what's more, to make sure they really make the most of them, too - I love his passion for helping travellers really cement the big lessons from their travels.


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