16 - On Grief and Travel

Travel is a powerful tool for so many things but one more way that travel can bring great meaning to your life is by helping you to process grief - and that’s what Amanda's two guests in this episode have certainly discovered. Episode 16 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast features two women who have found travel to be very therapeutic in dealing with grief.
Amanda's first guest is Ava of My Meena Life, an American who has temporarily relocated to Germany, and has travelled extensively throughout Europe in the last year. Sadly, Ava lost her father a couple of years ago, but her experiences abroad have been instrumental in helping her deal with her grief about his loss.

Secondly, she speaks with Kerstin of TravelPilz, who not only lost her husband about five years ago, but then had her feelings of grief doubled when a devastating cyclone hit her town just weeks after his death. She took off on a journey through Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India as a way to process some of this grief and her story is a fascinating one.


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