Manchester - October 2021

On this LIVE episode I head to Manchester to the Chapeltown Picture House to do a live show for the wonderful fans in the North! We had such craic talking about Neil How and Bill Strauss and The Fourth Turning as well as global economics, being a conspiracy theorist and a word guy with mad eyebrows who chases us all in our dreams!
Thanks so much to everyone who came to the show and to all the people who took part in the craic! Let me know on social if you hear yourself in this episode :) IF you want to buy tickets to the other upcoming live shows in Dublin, Glasgow, Liverpool. Birmingham and Newcastle you can hit the link here:
With this link you can also get access to the TCG Discord; watch video versions of the livestream podcast and documentaries; or even join in on live chats about current events; and get links to all the other ways to connect with me. Enjoy this one and the live London show will be available on Patreon only, again you can find this by clicking the link above :)
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