On this episode we discuss one of the most enduring and visceral myths in humanities history; dating from ancient civilisations; even mentioned in the bible and other ancient religious texts and recognised all the way up to many modern media masterpieces; the concept of the bloodsucking prince of the night still holds a strong sentiment in all our hearts so this time we are talking about Vampires.
From tales of forlorn lovers and rich aristocrats draining yearning wenches of their blood, to monsters exsanguinating all and sundry in remote villages and sleepy town in Eastern Europe the lore of the vampire mythos endures for centuries. It is most well known today by the foppish and romantically charged stories of teenage vampire heartthrobs but the Vampire is a deep rooted image of the dissuasion of common folk to give in to their animalistic urges and as a stark health warning designed to be preserved in the minds of men, protecting from disease and poison of the blood and bloodlines.
While Vampires seem wholly unbelievable in their dark magic roots, there are many tales of very real men who would behave as these monsters reputedly do. Serial Killers, Murderers, Madmen and Tyrant Kings, all carry the title of Vampire for their dark deeds and fascination with blood. From biblical tales like Lilith to real historical figures like Vlad the Impaler the vampire myth is deeply interwoven into our collective subconscious and often mixed in with a very tangible part of human nature not all of us are willing to admit we identify so closely with.
Joining me on this episode are Eamonn O'Neill and Edwin Sammon.
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