Are you saving enough for retirement? (And another state pension blunder)

Women have already been hit by a huge state pension blunder in recent years, but now it seems the DWP is messing up again.

After This is Money's Steve Webb and Tanya Jefferies exposed a £1billion women's state pension scandal, which emerged from a reader question sent in to his column, you'd think the Government would be keeping on top of payments.

But it has turned out that more women appear to being told they aren't due the right amount, or in one case that we reported on this week anything at all.

On this week's podcast, Tanya joins Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert to talk through the problems.

Also, are we saving enough for retirement? Steve sounded a warning this week that auto-enrolment was lulling people into a false sense of security and said that employers need to do more.

The team discuss what you can do to make sure you are putting enough into your pension and why the self-employed need to pay particular attention.

Also on this episode, the investment themes that could run for years and make you a profit and is it time for investors to weigh up buying back into Scottish Mortgage after its 40 per cent slump this year.

And finally, petrol prices are rocketing, so is it time for a VAT cut to ease the double whammy of tax?