What's the point in saving when inflation is so high?

Is there any point trying to save when inflation is so high?

Interest rates are rising and savers can now get a far better return than a year ago, but compare those rates to inflation and they are losing even more money.

So why bother? That's the question that Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert tackle on this week's podcast.

From what the best rates are and where you can get them, to why you should avoid what Simon calls your bank or building society's 'insult account' – with a special mention for Nationwide - and how to turn a savings habit into an investing one that should hopefully get you a better return, the podcast team talk all things saving.

Also on the agenda is the best places to start investing a small amount and why that has got so much easier in recent years.

Simon shares a bit of behind the scenes knowledge on investing platforms and why they are pushing so hard for new investors – and gives some tips on getting started the easy way.

But not everyone will be feeling like they have money to stash away right now: the cost of living crisis is seeing people cut back, the ONS, revealed this week – and that's before most bills spiked.

Where are they cutting back and is there anything we can do to help them? (Bonkers two-year MOT ideas excluded).

And finally, just when you thought printing at home couldn't get any worse, printer firms came up with a way to make it better… and then made it worse.