The energy saving battle: Which household tasks use more?

Is it better to leave the heating on low all the time, or switch it on in smaller bursts?

Does an electric heater cost less to heat a room?

Is the electric blanket cheaper than a kettle-filled hot water bottle?

On this week's podcast, Georgie Frost, Grace Gausden and Simon Lambert, tackle the burning questions of our time (well, the common energy saving ones people often debate at least).

The team reveal a cunning way to work out when you can use Avios points to book flights.

Plus, Simon explains why he's not a crypto investing genius, why you probably aren't too and what the point of regularly reminding yourself that you aren't an investment guru in crypto, shares, or anything else is.

And finally, a This is Money reader recently moved home and doesn't have a doorbell and their landlord won't provide one, do they have to... and exactly who is this reader?