Should the Bank of England have raised interest rates? Plus Steve Webb on pension delays

Did the Bank of England bottle raising interest rates or should a rate rise have never been on the cards in the first place?

Inflation is mounting but hiking the base rate will do little to tame soaring energy prices, an oil price spike or the supply crunch.

On the other hand, the emergency 0.1 per cent base rate arrived at the start of the coronavirus crisis and the economy looks far better now than was expected then.

So where should rates be? And did the Bank of England make the wrong decision for the right reason?

On this week’s podcast, Georgie Frost, Tanya Jefferies and Simon Lambert dissect the Steady Eddie move that got the Bank of England labelled an ‘unreliable boyfriend’ again.

Plus, our pension agony uncle Sir Steve Webb joins the podcast to discuss state pension delays and what has happened since he and Tanya Jefferies exposed the situation.

And finally, it’s time for some council tax rants… just why is the tax so seemingly crazy and in terms of fixing it, should we be careful what we wish for?