How low will mortgage rates go?

How low will mortgage rates go? The lowest two-year fixed rate has been cut to 0.83 per cent and five-year fixed rates are available at 0.99 per cent.

That’s cheap money – and while these super low rates are only reserved for those with the biggest deposits, it’s clear that the mortgage price war is back on.

The question is will rates keep falling and get cheaper still? 

Some experts say believe they won’t and this is the floor but others suggest they could come even down all the way to 0.5 per cent.

On this week’s podcast, Georgie Frost, Helen Crane and Simon Lambert look at what’s driving mortgage rates down and the house prices up and whether it’s ever worth jumping ship to a potentially cheaper deal from an existing home loan?

Also on this week’s show, are you a property snooper, spying on friends, relatives and colleagues’ house prices and homes?

Plus, how to avoid getting too emotionally attached to your investments and is it worth tracking down DIY investing platforms and apps that offer fractional share dealing?