With new plans to tackle bogus ratings online: How much can you trust reviews?

The Government is planning a major crackdown on fake reviews. Under proposals, it will become illegal to pay someone to write, or host, bogus online ratings.

How much weight should we put behind buying decisions when it comes to reviews and ratings, and what exactly are the plans to prevent this kind of consumer manipulation?

This week, Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost discuss this, along with the others measures the Government is planning, including on subscription traps and Christmas savings clubs, and how it'll be enforced.

How much are you saving? You might think a lack of a rainy day pot is solely an issue for those on low incomes, but you'd be wrong.

A quarter of Britain's wealthiest households do not have one - why is this the case?

That comes as fixed-rate deals nudge higher, but Lee warns listeners not to get too excited.

Are you paying for too much mobile phone data? And would you take part in a home swap in order to save on your summer holiday?