Craig Cope: Recruitment in Non-League Football

Today I'm joined by Head of Analysis and Recruitment for Solihull Moors, Craig Cope. Cope has worked in analysis for several big EFL clubs, notably Notts County, Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City.

However, we are going focus on his role as Head of Recruitment. His club, Solihull Moors, are in the National League aka England's 5th division. So I wanted to find out, how do you recruit and identify talent in non-league football and how do you gather data when companies like Opta don't work in non-league?

Cope will also answer those questions and reveal how he went from being a university student to leading a professional club's scouting department in less than 7 years.

If would like to reach out to Craig and let him know what you thought of this episode, his Twitter handle is @Craig_Cope.

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