Christoph Biermann: Data Use in UK vs Germany + Breaking down 'Packing' metric

7:40 Chance in football
12:32 The lying of league tables
14:23 'Packing'
22:55 'Packing' in the media
29:13 Data at Dortmund
36:00 Video revolution
44:29 Why clubs are so secretive
50:07 If he were FIFA president for a day

Today I'm joined by German football journalist Christoph Biermann. Christoph is the author of the new book Football Hackers: The Science and Art of a Data Revolution which highlights some of the new analytical methods clubs and individuals are using around the world. You can find this book on Amazon or wherever you find your books.

And in today's conversation, we'll discuss:
- Data use around Europe…including in England vs Germany
- 'Packing' and other interesting metrics
- Analytics in the media and how 'packing' was covered in Germany
- The future of data in football

Longtime listeners will remember I had Chris Anderson, author of the Numbers Game, on the podcast last year. I highly recommend you listen to that to supplement this episode if you haven't already, as it describes the history of the data revolution.

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