Recovering Out Loud: Achieving Mental Healing In The Most Natural Way With Rynda Laurel

The path towards sobriety is also a story of mental healing. Since it directly impacts our minds, dealing with anxiety and depression is also a huge factor when getting rid of addiction. However, treatments for such a diagnosis are primarily dependent on a huge amount of medication. Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen talk with Rynda Laurel to share how her pursuit for natural-based solutions to overcome her own addictions led to the creation of VRY everyday. She talks about her work on educating people on how to lessen hard medication in favor of organic herbs and even psychedelic drugs. Rynda also looks back on how she dealt with the absence of willpower when she was still struggling to heal, how to surrender to other people, and why prominent people must not be afraid to show a bit of humanity by talking about mental health.

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