Male Body Dysmorphia: Whose Business Are You In?

You don’t get to talk about male body dysmorphia. It’s not that it doesn’t exist or that men don’t experience body shame any less than women do. It’s just that men are culturally conditioned to just keep their problems to themselves and “be a man” about them. And yet men are subjected to more or less the same amount of negative body messaging from the media. If someone like Leonardo DiCaprio or Zach Efron can be thrown under the bus for not looking “ripped,” can you imagine how many ordinary men around the world are secretly hating how they look, being unkind to themselves, and not talking about it? Breaking the unspoken (and frankly speaking, unjustified) taboo on the topic, Jason Wrobel talks about his own experience with weight gain and other changes in his body as he ages. Whitney Lauritsen chimes in with her insights as well, connecting the male experience to the general human experience of body shame regardless of gender. On a lighter note, don’t Americans just love their burritos? Jason and Whitney compare notes on their experiences with this classic Mexican treat as well!

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