Rethinking Cultural Structures With Sarah Dixon

There are cultural structures in place today that are designed to keep those who are wealthy in place. Whether they are celebrities, rich, poor, black, white, male, or female. There's always this idea of status in a community. And that needs to change or at least be restructured.


Join Whitney Lauritsen as she talks to Sarah Dixon about human hierarchy and culture. Sarah is an artist and the Owner of Sarah Dixon Studio. She offers digital training and coaching so that you can grow your creative genius. She is also the Co-Founder of The Women's Art Activation System, which focuses primarily on activating women's art.


Join in the conversation as Whitney and Sarah discuss mental illness and how people with ADHD perceive the idea of status. Find out how meritocracy affects a community. Discover why people do violent acts. Also, learn why people yearn for that celebrity status. There is so much to learn in today's episode, so make sure to tune in!

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