Reframing Clutter: From Chaos To Peace With Conny Graf

Why do you declutter your home when you know you’re expecting guests? Why don’t you declutter for the sake of yourself? That mindset of clutter needs to be reframed. It’s only natural that you view cleaning as a chore but decluttering is one way to take care of yourself. It is self-love. It’s transformational, self-development, and is a journey that brings you up-to-date with who you really are. Clearing clutter is not just about purging & organizing, it’s about exploring & releasing the limiting beliefs you tell yourself.


Join Whitney Lauritsen as she talks to Conny Graf about clutter and how you can reframe your idea of decluttering. Conny is the founder of From Chaos to Peace Consulting Inc and is the host of the podcast of the same name. She doesn’t have a passion for clutter, but a passion for helping people remove the chaos in their lives. 


Listen to this episode as Whitney and Conny talk about the stress you can have with clutter, how self-love relates to clutter, some decluttering techniques, and what financial clutter is. Learn how to declutter your life so that you can enjoy it today!

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