Removing The Mask And Shifting Self-Perception With Dr. Stacy Berman

“Disconnection is symptomatic of modern life, but not necessary.” This is a beautiful quote from the guest in this episode, Dr. Stacy Berman. It calls for a number of reflections on the ways we connect in this chaotic world—even if sometimes, all we want is to do the opposite. Through our quest for connection, how much of ourselves do we show to be liked? Are the methods we’re using to connect disconnecting us instead? In today’s conversation, Whitney Lauritsen talks to Dr. Stacy to explore these questions. They discuss removing the mask as we interact with ourselves and the world. They also talk about shifting self-perception and breaking out of patterns of negative self-talk. Learn about finding neutral space and using compassionate inquiry. Admittedly, it can be quite challenging to express our authentic selves in this hyper-connected world, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t. Because your authentic self is what beautiful really feels like. Don’t miss out on this conversation.

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