Writing Your Path In Pencil With Laurel Wilson

In a society of comparison and fitting into a mold, we need more conversation around stepping outside the box to find joy. Laurel Wilson believes in the saying: “write your vision in pen and your path in pencil.” Life throws unexpected curveballs that move us from our original path, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on our goals. In her chat with Whitney Lauritsen, Laurel shares how she’s teaching these values as a parent to her child. Laurel’s world unexpectedly tipped upside down while away in college when she lost her father to suicide with no explanation. Three years later, she lost her brother the same way. She realized that she had a choice in these tragedies: to give in to the grief or to use them as fuel. Listen to their conversation to learn more about how you can also overcome and write the path to your future.

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