How Financial Gaslighting Affects The Lives Of Ordinary Households

You may not have heard of the term financial gaslighting before, but chances are you have already felt its effects in one way or another. Do you feel like it’s harder to live nowadays? That no matter how hard you try, you still find yourself struggling to provide more for your family? You are not alone. Keeping afloat in this economy as a single person is hard enough in itself. Starting a family is a whole another conversation. In fact, it has almost become a luxury for many people. As if that’s not bad enough, it’s made even worse by the way we are constantly made to feel like it’s no one’s fault but our own instead of being a structural problem that needs systemic solutions. Join Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen in another thought-provoking episode as they share their thoughts on financial gaslighting and how it is affecting the lives of ordinary households.

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