The Things We Can't Afford To Accept With Charles Mitchell And Dr. Daryl L. Jones

Why can't we all just get along? We often hear the phrase "just like kids in a sandbox," where you meet someone new, and in five minutes, you feel like you've been best friends forever. But sadly, circumstances in our lives make us forget who we were and how we were when we were young. And worst is when we are haunted by our childhood experiences, leading us to withdraw from society and detach ourselves from people who can truly be our best friends. 


We blame our differences for how we treat each other, blame the government for our misfortune, and even blame the environment for our health issues. But as we walk through life, how often do we look in the mirror? What can we do to change our circumstances? How do we play a role in how others perceive us? And how often did we acknowledge others and empathize with what they are going through? 


In this episode, Charles Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of All About People, Inc., and Dr. Daryl L. Jones, Founder and President of the E-5 Foundation, discuss why human flourishing is more critical to happiness and how to convert our circumstances and empower others despite differences. They then dive deep into the difference between acknowledgment and empathy and how upbringing, personal experiences and circumstances, history, cultural differences, and outlook play into the way we interact, react, and translate to others. 

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