The Importance of Advocating For Indian Farmers And Spreading Awareness In The Wellness Industry

There's an immense rise in popularity with superfoods in the Western diet, like quinoa, spirulina, and chia seeds. The dark side of this is how Indian farmers, who grow these crops, are now unable to purchase these products themselves. In this episode, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen discuss how the soaring demand and price of superfoods result in the exploitation of Indian farmers. To help remedy the issue, Jason and Whitney talk about the importance of taking responsibility and using social media to spread awareness. Since it is the wellness influencers who began the trend, they should take the responsibility to educate themselves and share the information about where these crops come from. Consumers also have tremendous power to influence companies to be more transparent in their processes. If you want to participate in advocating for Indian farmers, this episode will teach you how.

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