The Expense Of Visibility: The Consequences Of Fitting In

What is the cost of visibility online? With the power of social media, everyone wants to be visible and they would go to extreme lengths just to be seen. Women who think they are not up to the beauty standard would go to TikTok just to laugh at themselves. All of that just to be seen. It's crazy because you don't have to care about how you look. Everyone has different perceptions of beauty. Join Whitney Lauritsen as she shares more about the cons of wanting to be visible. Learn the consequence of fitting in. Whitney talks about the new beauty trend on TikTok and the comment she posted about it. Discover the Oops Ouch Educate model of dealing with different perceptions. Find out why people want to be visible, especially on social media. And, Whitney shares her thoughts on gender reveal parties in today's cultural climate. Learn the expense of visibility today!

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