Ways To Invite More Fun Into Your Life Fun Expert Michael Rucker, Ph.D

Does having fun equal happiness? How can you invite more fun into your life, and why do you need to? Here to answer all these questions is Michael Rucker, Ph.D. Mike, aka the Fun Expert, is an organizational psychologist, behavioral scientist, and charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association. He joins host Whitney Lauritsen to discuss and explain the challenges in “chasing” happiness and when it starts being problematic. Mike also dissects the concept relative to concepts such as toxic positivity and hustle culture. Psychology terms happiness as “subjective well-being” because it’s all in how you perceive it. You have more agency in it than you think. Listen in to learn about the different ways you can invite fun and happiness into your life with more insights from his upcoming book, The Fun Habit: How the Disciplined Pursuit of Joy and Wonder Can Change Your Life!

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