Britt East: Why Dealing With Multiple Identities Must Begin With Yourself

In today's world full of divisive communities, many people deal with multiple identities, particularly their sexual orientation. But this burden does not only lie with the people who are struggling with their own identities, but also the individuals who mingle with them – and sadly, diminish their importance through homophobia and misogyny. Author and speaker Britt East joins Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen to discuss how society's seemingly unending discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community can be solved by getting straight people into uncomfortable yet meaningful conversations and situations. If done right without resorting to further arguments, he hopes this can eventually lead to gay liberation, though the way toward it is indeed long, winding, and challenging. Britt also emphasizes the best place to start the change when it comes to sexual perspectives is within ourselves, shifting the narrative from a world steeped in straight supremacy to cracking hearts open and welcoming change.

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