Gonna Make You Sweat (2019)

What does it feel like when artists challenge conventional radio and allow their lived experiences to inform their work?

In their 2020 Third Coast Conference session, NK, Phoebe, Mara and Ari - the founding members of RADIO (R)EJECTS - employed Sara Ahmed’s term ‘sweaty concepts’ to explore first person narrative stories. Using feminist theory by women of color as a lens for listening, you’ll be part of a conversation that expands upon asking what artistic choices shape “experimental” radio? How and why does it make us sweat? Presented by RADIO (R)EJECTS, a collective based out of Chicago, LA, and New Orleans.

This session intentionally carved out space for POC, femmes, people with disabilities, trans peeps, and queers who want to talk about how, why and for whom we tell our stories.

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The 2019 Third Coast Pocket Conference season was co-produced by Neroli Price and Isabel Vázquez. Special thanks to Madeline Fox!

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