Dark & Funny, Like Your Life: Sound Design With Feeling (2019)

You know about reading between the lines, right? Well good sound design can make you dance between the lines. And when you’re talking about big, uncomfortable ideas — sound can be a super powerful tool to have on hand.

Suicide often reminds us of those four magic words: "just ask for help." But Honor Eastly knows it’s not that simple. She’s been there and back, and has the receipts to prove it — years of phone recordings and diary entries from the inside. From this mountain of source material, a podcast was born/emerged! That podcast: No Feeling Is Final.

In this session from the 2019 Third Coast Conference, Honor and executive producer Joel Werner broke down how they took Honor’s life and turned it into a super-creative & sound-rich six-part series. They shared audio diary tape, and discussed where/when to use it (and when/how to reconstruct scenes). They talked about the power of a first person perspective, negotiating between a compelling narrative and life’s utter messiness, trust, shared taste, and how a sense of humor can shine a light in the darkest places.

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The 2019 Third Coast Pocket Conference season was co-produced by Neroli Price and Isabel Vázquez.

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